Saturday, August 6, 2011

Old cupboard salvage!

This old cupboard was in one of the sheds when we bought the house next door to us 3 years ago. My hubby thought I was crazy for wanting to keep it, but I had a vision!! If it is worn and broken down then it is the furniture for me!! Well, after 3 years we finally pulled it out and my hubby was nice enough to put it back together,because even though I thought I could do it I really had no clue how to. So glad I am married to a woodworker! We managed to salvage a view of the original tongue and groove back pieces and then just put on plywood from the drawers down. You can't even tell now that I have it decorated. Hubby also put in glass windows. We went back and forth about polyurithaning it, but I love to the original beat up look. This is the first thing we salvaged and as much as my hubby thought I was nuts he has admitted it looks really nice in the house. I was told it was prob made in 1930's or so which is about the same age as our house, which makes it extra special!

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