Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Snowing!

It is so pretty outside this morning! It certainly adds more of a festive feel to my present wrapping, cleaning ect... It is a great day to stay inside and enjoy looking out the window. I was going to head out and do a few things. I don't mind driving in the snow, but I worry about the others on the road, so home I will stay!

I hope everyone is getting their Christmas duties wrapped up! I am sad that the season seems to be just flying by. I love this time, the decorations, music, commercials.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and if you are on the East Coast be safe!!!


  1. We are getting lots of snow at my house too!!! I love Saturday snow days!!!! I'm going to bake some cookies!!! Enjoy your day!

  2. It's coming down here too, 11 inches and counting. Staying in to do some baking sounds like a great idea Jill. Enjoy your day.


  3. Jill just found your blog! And what took so long???!

    LOVE your photos...and the fact you enjoy Gettysburg is something we have in common! That and prims. : )
    Please post times when you are in an event - we live very close to G-burg....we do a lot there for our cultural activities with the kids.
    Have a great day*