Sunday, November 1, 2009

Housing in Camp

Union Army Camp in Virginia
Camps were packed with tents housing 5 or 6 men. This is a Federal, or Union, encampment at Cumberland Landing, Virginia.

Log Cabins at Confederate Winter Camp in Virginia
Log cabins were used in winter months to provide insulation from the cold. This picture shows Confederate winter quarters at Centreville, Virginia.

Union Army Officer's Winter Log Cabin
The Union army also used log cabins in winter months. Chimneys would be built for a fire to keep warm. The picture shows an officers' winter quarters at the Army of the Potomac headquarters.

Source: Library of Congress


  1. Wonderful pictures and great info. So glad to find your blog. We live in a log home right in the Chancellorsville Battlefield in Virginia. What a blessing to be surrounded by so much history.